You probably know me as the “Pasta guy” or the “Italian guy” who cooks on TikTok. If that’s all you know about me, there’s a lot more to learn. I love making music, working out and of course, cooking for you guys each and everyday! Over the course of my career, you will get to learn all about what I do and how I do it, so stick along for the ride! As an influencer I had no desire to release merchandise that had my face on it or my name. How am I going to build a legitimate brand with something that boring? I want you all to WANT to wear my merch and brighten everyone’s day while wearing it. This is just the beginning of my story. Thank you for the incredible kind words and support. LOVE YOU BETCHES!




Betch is not an alternative of “b*tch.” Betch is love, betch is life! The word betch, when pronounced correctly, can be used in any context. It’s not a curse word! If it was, I wouldn’t put it on my clothing. Enjoy the product! We have worked for months perfecting our products and building a website you will start to know and love. Our next release is scheduled for 01/24 @8:00pm EST. Our clothing NEVER rereleases so get it while you can!